David Taylors Rock & Roll waltzer
Some of Taylors Cumbria Amusements funfair rides
Ever since the demise of Morecambe's famous Frontierland theme park in the late ‘90s, Taylor’s have been providing all the fun of the fair at this Lancashire seaside resort.

Funland down by The Dome is open from Easter through until October, providing affordable family entertainment against a beautiful backdrop. Children and their parents can go for a spin on the Waltzer or ride on the Dodgems as they look out over Morecambe Bay and the stunning South Lakes scenery. We also operate the town's Superbowl 10-pin bowling complex across the road from Funland, as well as several other businesses.

As families across the UK rediscover the joys of holidaying at home, we would be happy to discuss ways to breath new life into your resort.
Morecambe Funland and the Apple Coaster
Morecambe Superbowl
View across Morecambe Bay towards the Lake Districtl